We work with homeowners, designers, and some of the most awarded landscape architects in the region to create a memorable outdoor experience for our clients. From a cozy Seattle backyard to a large Eastside estate our team of talented craftsman can complete your project to the highest quality in the industry. Our team is knowledgeable in all phases of the construction and can advise the client through every step of the installation process. We work hard to anticipate any possible issues with the design and to come up with creative and timely solutions to keep the project moving forward at a consistent pace. Our goal is to mesh the client's vision with the designs intent to provide the customer with the best experience possible every time.


Our team of landscape maintenance professionals can ensure your garden achieves its full potential. We can seamlessly begin maintaining your new garden when the construction phase is complete or rehabilitate a mature landscape that you might have just procured. Often we work directly with your garden's architect or designer to assess the landscape and make changes over the years as it matures. We will actively look for issues in your landscape so that they can be dealt with before becoming an eye sore. Our policy is to primarily use organic fertilizers and pest control to ensure that your landscape and all that is in it will thrive now and into the future.

Landscape maintenance services we provide:
Planting, mulching, seasonal color, organic fertilizing, water feature care, irrigation adjustments, lighting service, lawn care, pruning, container design and pressure washing.

Earth Works

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